Hello from the Admin/Moderator team!

We want to thank all members who register AND participate.   Remember: Forums ONLY work if you post.    

We cater to ALL skill levels here - from newbs to nerds.  Don't be shy!  We love to talk - teach - and learn!

Like all forums - we need rules to ensure order can balance chaos.   Since we are a smaller forum (member-wise) and always will be (a good thing) - we try to make them simple and to the point to ensure a family-friendly atmosphere with no drama. 

Here they are....


RULES: (Subject to change)

Users of this forum assume all risk.  By using this forum you agree to waive any and all rights.  Especially the right to pursue any legal action against the website owner - admin - moderation team - registered users.   

  • NO to posting inappropriate or vulgar content (porn, gore, etc...)  PMs are included.  (This will result in a permanent ban without warning)
  • YES to posting RAD news and uplifting content!
  • NO to posting in the color RED - This is for admins and moderators only.
  • YES to posting in all of the other neat colors.     
  • NO  to posting political - religious - racial content.
  • YES to posting RAD topics about metal detecting - camping - outdoors - gaming!
  • NO  to forum stalking members from thread to thread.   Harassment = ban!
  • YES to making friends and being a stand-up guy or gal.
  • NO  to hijacking threads on purpose.  (We realize this can happen by accident when people get talking.)
  • YES to staying on topic (as much as possible anyway).
  • NO  to posting private content that infringes on any copyright or trademark without permission.
  • YES to posting your own content!
  • NO  to posting PMs or Emails that are meant for privacy.
  • YES to being awesome and not a snitch!
  • NO  to posting anything illegal (or what you think would be frowned upon by forum staff).
  • YES to not being a wanker!  
  • NO  to being the grammar police.  This is not a spelling class.  
  • YES to speak in English only.  Use PMs or emails for other language conversations.
  • NO to spam or fishy links.  
  • YES to reporting spam or fishy behavior to 
  • YES to posting links to other forums and websites.  We are not like other forums that frown on it.  
  • YES  to encouraging your friends and family who enjoy the hobby to join and post.  It won't work without YOU!
  • YES  to being polite and helpful.  SHARE YOUR matter how nerdy you feel it is.  We cater to ALL skill levels here - from newbs to nerds!!!  
  • YES to talking about other brands and companies.
  • NO  to bashing a brand in order to trumpet another brand - vendor - agenda. 
  • YES to posting legit comparisons.
  • NO  to attempts to sway somebody to another brand - especially if they are asking about certain brands/models. (This is considered off-topic - and rather rude.)  

While we will do our best to enforce these rules - spammers and trolls do slip through from time to time.  Please report them right away so we are aware.

PLEASE NOTE:  Admins and moderators have the right to delete and edit posts as they see fit.   They also have the right to delete and ban your account - permanently - without explanation (highly unlikely unless an obvious spammer/troll/rulebreaker).   
We will warn members and TRY our very best to make things right before a ban.  Banning members is our last resort in most cases (not all).

THANK YOU for your cooperation and support.  If you have any questions about these rules email me at or use the contact form on the main website.  Link =

Posted : September 2, 2017 7:12 AM

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