What Is Up Everybody!

Welcome the website!  You are probably here because of my YouTube channel.  It is totally rad to have all 5000+ of you subscribers along for the ride.  Thank you for being part of it!

You have likely heard me mention the metal detecting forum during the intro portion of my videos.  If you are looking for a new metal detecting forum – or perhaps even your first forum – I would be honored to have you.   Don’t be shy!  These forums only work with YOU posting.

Looking for a new detector?  Check out the SHOP page!   Looking for a used deal?  Then go check out the classified section of my forums for any used deals.  I am here to answer any and all questions you have before/during/after your purchase!  REMEMBER!  You do not have to go broke to be successful in this hobby!  There is a detector for every budget.


If there is one hobby I love as much as metal detecting – it is video games.  I love it so much I have decided to launch TheHunterGT Gaming as a new channel.  I will also start live streaming to Twitch.  My daughter (CalestaGT) and son (WarriorGT) will be joining me – along with my online gaming friend of 15 years (Coffee77).   The 4 of us will be cracking jokes and talking smack while we lay down the law to our enemies of the digital world!   Go hit that subscribe button on YouTube and Twitch as we will be doing giveaways and live streams over there as well!!!

All social media links below! (2 Youtube icons for 2 channels)