Old Country School Day 1
Playing online I discovered a County Atlas from 1905 it shows where all the old schools were in the county. With a little flipping from the old map to Google maps I found the field where the school had stood. The landowner knew of the school and that vandal's had burned it a long time ago. He was doubtful that I would find much but was good enough to give me permission to hunt it.
   Day one was the day before Thanksgiving and would have to be a short hunt. I had my trusty Minuteman with me, set at 0 disc vol at 11 to hear the nails and power wide open on soybean stubble.  I dug a little this and that and a 80-90's and flipped out the B. Ward Beams World Champion Daredevils token. Almost as big as a 50 cent piece it made the day. A few feet away slamming a solid 95 was the C.D. Peacock Jewelers token. Established 1837   In 1900 Peacock Jewelers commissioned Gorham Co to strike Ten thousand tokens and here 118 years later I was holding one.  C.D. Peacock is still in business today in Chicago!  I added a pic of a nice example found online.

Stay tuned for day 2

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I really like tokens, those are a couple of nice ones. Cool thing is your able to find some history, not always so with tokens.
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That's fantastic man.  Tokens are always a neat find.  Especially when they are in good enough shape to Google some information from them.
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top notch detecting !  from research to the dig and back to the research.  GREAT FINDS
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tokens and dog tax tags are great finds
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